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Kozıkê Domanu ist online! An dem Wochenende, an dem Tijda und Jiyar Geburtstag haben!


Ax be mare bo startete mit einer technischen Fehler, aber sehr gut!


Gula Usari ist morgen online. Das schwierigste Lied des Albums: ein Klagelied!


"Zerre Made" ist schon heute ein Ohrwurm!


’38 Ewro' is our Newroz gift!



Rêştıke ist onlineist online und mein Geschenk ...



'Wayirê Vengê Ma' ist online und mein Geschenk ...



The Derwish Language, of Dersim Kırmancki/Zazaki, is included in the UNESCO List of Endangered Languages. To sing in this language of my mother tongue, my childhood and of Xizir, unites me with nature and allows me to breathe and feel the basic beliefs of this living culture. This is the aim of this Album. In order to support and maintain this language and culture many artists and musicians have published and performed numerous valuable works which have shone a light on me. My thanks and my respect in this case goes to Sey Qaji, Sa Heyder, Weliye Wuşene Yimami, Uşene Qalmemi, Sılo Qıc, Mehmed Çapan, Sait Baksi, Hüseyin Doğanay, Metin Kemal Kahraman, Serdar, Şervan Berihas, Ahmet Aslan, Mikail Aslan, ZeleMele and to all the others too numerous to mention here. In the prepertion and recording of this Album, including studio production and professional advice, Cengiz Akatas provided me with great assistance and support. Thank you Cengiz. My thanks also goes to Aslan Kaya, who allowed me to include two of his songs on the album. From our friend Özkan Alkasi comes the artwork on the cover of this album. Some of his other original paintings can be found on his website (http://oezkan-alkasi.com/) for your wonderment. Last but not least, my speciel thanks and love goes to our 11-year-old artist, Jilda, who created my Logo. Zarance (Grouse)